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Search engine marketing

We took over the company’s positioning from a leading SEO agency in Poland, which positioned the website for 4.5 years. Without changing the budget, we managed to achieve a result of +289% after one year and +774% after 2 years.

Increase in website visibility +774%
Increase in website traffic +7500 UU

TOP10 phrases from 58 to 449

Conversion tracking and micro-conversions were implemented in the Google ADS campaign, which the previous agency had not implemented. After several months of optimisation efforts, the cost per lead fell by 24%. Rate of new customers acquired from the internet: +170%.

This year, the company was honoured with two awards in the TSL ranking, receiving a distinction in the ‘Maritime and Ocean Freight Forwarding’ category and, for the first time, achieving 1st place in Poland in the ‘TSL Revenue Dynamics’ category. The company recorded revenue growth of +346.8% in 2021 compared to 2020, reaching PLN 425.47 million in sales.

We started the positioning of the KawePale website with an audit and implementation of improvements. Over a year of cooperation, we achieved an increase of 2950%.

TOP10 phrases went from 2 to 49

Google ADS campaigns, thanks to the implementation of ecommerce conversion tracking and constant optimisation, improved their performance in terms of cost per conversion by 23%.

SEO Audits

As part of the tender we won, we conducted 6 consultation meetings at the Museum of Warsaw on website optimisation and UX. Using a workshop method – card sorting, we established the categorisation and tagging of the Museum’s collection. The tender procedure ended with the preparation of a 67-page report on website optimisation, recommendations for implementation and mock-ups of the website.

We have also carried out website audits with recommendations for many other companies and websites – such as ELE Taxi, sports websites, as well as smaller sites such as the IT company Bunch Consulting.

Social Media

We know how to create an effective communication plan to make your company recognisable. Our specialists have been supporting brands with effective, consistent communication for over 10 years, taking care of image and sales.

Influencer Marketing

As a Warsaw Media Group, we prepare comprehensive campaigns in cooperation with almost a thousand Influencers in Poland and abroad. Reach channels and ambassadors are a reflection of who your target group is watching.

Over the past 2 years of cooperation with Many Mornings, we have managed to carry out more than a dozen promotional campaigns, engaging nearly 500 Influencers with a variety of reach, creating content in line with the brand’s DNA. Ambassadors include, in Poland: Joanna Jedrzejczyk (1.9 million – IG), Kinga Sawczuk (1.1 million – IG), members of Team X (total number of followers – more than 10 million – IG) and abroad: makeup artist for Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore (Nikkie_makeup – 1.8 million – IG), or Stefanie Millinger (527k. – IG).

IG: @vogule.poland
Followers: 416 k.
Pride Month

IG: @zuzeklobuzek
Followers: 756 k.

IG: @nikki_makeup
Followers: 1,8 mln
Earth Day

IG: @kingasawczuk
Followers: 1,1 mln
World Down Syndrome Day

YouTube: Muffinaart
Subscribers: 414 k.
Advent Calendar

YouTube: Wersow
Subscribers: 2,24 mln
Advent Calendar

YouTube: Nanami Chan
Subscribers: 694 k.
Advent Calendar

Realization for Ice-Watch
IG: @rafalmaslak
Followers: 360 k.

Realization for MOWI
IG: @makebentonotwar
Followers: 471 k.

Realization for Prima.Moda
IG: @olciiak
Followers: 622 k.

Realization for The One Store
IG: @olaradziun
Followers: 85,8 k.


Events are a space where you need to ensure that your plan is properly executed, taking into account your brand objectives. For years, our team has been developing and executing events that effectively take care of the right message, thus generating interest from the media, press, celebrities as well as guests of the event. We promote brands through industry events, corporate events and special events.

Event for ICE-Watch at Vitkac to celebrate the launch of the new ICE steel model. We managed to invite many Celebrities & Journalists – getting more than 100 publications in online and offline press. We created a unique space including a special press wall weighing almost a tonne with frozen watches inside – arousing the curiosity of all invited Guests.

The ICE Watch x The SELF LOVEdit Podcast event – to celebrate the end of season 1 of the SLE Podcast and the latest ICE Pearl collection, we created a special dinner at H15 Boutique Hotel, where all guests had the opportunity to learn about the latest ICE Watch collection and get a behind-the-scenes look at season 2 of the SLE Podcast, which is one of the leading lifestyle podcasts in Poland. The entire event, had a unique setting – from the special invitations, to the space and the extraordinary atmosphere.

Among the 30 invited guests were: Julia Kaminska, Sandra Kubicka, Lila Janowska or Gosia Leitner.


According to research by KPMG, time spent consuming content in mass media is increasing by 2.8 per cent each year. Advertising campaigns on television, streaming services or in cinemas are an excellent form to achieve marketing objectives. We carry out advertising campaigns from the creation of the script, through production to media buying and cost negotiations. We have realised advertising spots, sponsorship banners in the form of video, slideshows or animations.

For the Many Mornings brand, we created a TV commercial, taking care of the entire process – strategy, video production and TV media buying. As a result, in autumn 2021, viewers were able to get to know the brand on the Discovery Group channels – mainly on prime time TVN stations such as the Dzień Dobry TVN programme.

Product placement in programmes, TV series, films and even the realisation of a dedicated programme, creates an excellent space for showing products in everyday use. In this way, we build brand awareness and cooperation with well-known people strengthens the positive perception of brands.

For Cerames, we realised product placement in “Pani Gadżet” programme (TVN Style).

Public Relations | PR

Public relations is becoming an increasingly valued part of marketing, which is why the market is growing by 30% each year and companies are investing in communication strategy and PR activities. Are you ready to join the ranks of the leaders? Find out what we can do for you.

We effectively attract customer and media attention by collaborating and engaging with the press and online, offline media. We nurture good contacts and relationships with journalists every day. Knowing the needs of brands, we build lasting relationships with their audiences.

For the Desperados brand, we co-organised one of the most interesting events of recent years in Gdansk: “In The House by Desperados”.

Last year we took care of the publicity for the Many Mornings x Kubota holiday campaign.

For the company Tirsped, we promoted in the media a new warehouse investment being built in Warsaw.

We were responsible for the comprehensive communication of the implementation of Ice Watch models internationally.

Content Marketing

90% of leading companies undertake content marketing activities. Our clients have become convinced of the power of this tool.

During the 2 years of cooperation with Tirsped, we produced a total of 196 postings on the site’s expert blog, which, accompanied by interesting infographics and ready-made downloads, are an extremely popular source of knowledge in the logistics industry (example Incoterms tables in PDF). The articles have been repeatedly cited in bibliographies on other sites and blogs and have been eagerly published in the press. The blog generates around 7,000 page views per month.

We created a blog for the Kawowa Rewolucja shop, where we covered many lifestyle and educational topics – about alternative coffee brewing methods, types of coffee and its impact on health and the condition of the body.

We also carried out content marketing for, among others, the Biotrendy website, where Internet users gain knowledge about supplements, balanced diet and nutrition.

Design & Production

We create comprehensive image creations in line with the latest trends and needs of brands. We produce photo shoots, video production, animations, graphics, websites, POS materials and applications. We handle projects from the strategic and production side, on the Polish market as well as abroad.

One of the projects we carried out on the international market was a campaign for the TORII watch brand. The whole project was very dynamic – within 10 days, we had to organise a complex production in Tokyo. Thanks to the cooperation with the creators of Vogue Japan, we realised the entire project (models, locations, make-up, outfits), which was met with great success. The effects could be seen on TV, in the press or in more than 120 Swiss Boutiques throughout Poland.

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